Image“Dill” is a stout-faced, cheetah-horned, dead-to-the-world clown funny man softie art doll, who is a gangster with fast cars. His silver smile catches the eye of many living creatures in quick glistens from supernatural gas glimmer. He loves the sound of doorbells. They make him weep. He often comes up with short jingles throughout the day that he is too lazy to write down. He regrets silent moments between loved ones and strangers. Dill is a soul with a strange fate that he can’t get a grasp on yet. He often wonders where he is headed. He questions his after-life, but often falls short of any answers. His memory is short, but he thinks it will come back in the long run. Dill has many friends. He is very old. To order this softie art doll, email me at artdollsbyashley@gmail.com.




  “Brightface” is really into get-rich-quick schemes in which he invests a low amount of money expecting a high return. He is not so much a swindler, but one who gets swindled. He is every stooges favorite mark, because he is so stupid. Brightface is a 3″ softie art doll made out of shiny purple fabric for the body, glimmering pink cloth for his mouth, bubbles that make his eyes pop out with cute little black buttons, and each piece including this one is signed by me, the artist. I have been asked before: what are you supposed to do with these? You collect softies by well-known artists. I have a small underground following in Los Angeles. My work is seen as part of a sarcastic yet endearing street culture of toy makers enjoyed by those with a lowbrow sense of style. I am very independent, never, I say never selling out to some corporate shill-mongering half-way house of shit. Brightface is $5 plus s&h. For more information, email me at artdollsbyashley@gmail.com.


Softie art sculptures are collectables

Softies are collectables that are brought together as a group for many reasons. Gathering softies can be done as a hobby, an extracurricular activity that brings people joy outside their regular occupation. Softies are on a higher level than the stuffed animals found on many children’s beds or the stereotypical trailer park starlett, who lives alone on a tight budget.

The Story of Batty Love

I didn’t start making Batty Love with a plan. In the end, the softie art doll turned out to be a representation of myself. I was upset that I felt it resembled me, because the softie had masculine features, but that was okay. I looked more like my dad anyway. I gave the soft sculpture the name Batty Love, because I was crazy about this man for several years. He was a world famous artist, who I knew when I was in my early twenties. I am 33 years old now. His name was Raymond Pettibon. He inspired me to do the all black paint detail on the face and hair. I started making these softie art dolls about a year ago as a way to relax from the grueling hours I was putting in at the newspaper as a writer/photojournalist.

 For several months prior to making Batty Love, I went over and over in my head what I would do and say if I was to meet Raymond for drinks or for some other social gathering. I came up with some very witty, humorous bullshit that I wish I wrote down. But, my imagination drove me a little crazy. I can say now I would be very comfortable meeting him again. I am no longer head over heals for him, because I have found a new love interest. I have been dating Brian Bettinger for 8 months now. We are going to live together for a year. If it works out, we plan on getting hitched. I am very happy. He drives me insane too, but the good kind that makes me want to meow. Looking at Batty Love now, I am filled with a rare elation that is hard to sustain during my times of trials and tribulations.


 “Crazypoo” is a softy art object that represents my artist moniker of the same name. When I was 24 years old, I went into my universal consciousness where I was this totally different person roaming the midnight streets of Hollywood. I became known as Crazypoo, because I vigilante-style subdued a serial killer’s guard dog with my potent drug-fueled feces. The dog ate my poo and died. Get your Crazypoo while it’s steamy and hot for only $5 plus s&h. Email me at artdollsbyashley@gmail.com for more information. These are collectable softy art pieces. I will make 100 of them.



 “Bobcat” is a soft art doll with one thing on his mind — how to make a quick and lucrative hit. He is well-known around the hustling scene as one who comes up with sure-fire inventions. He thought of a way to help psychopathic murderers calm their tendencies. Bobcat invented the dummy with vital signs that you can kill. It’s a big hit in prisons. Bobcat is looking for a partner in crime to hit the big-time circuit with the millions of ideas he has floating inside his head. His price is $15 plus s&h. Bobcat is located in Southern California where softie art dolls grow on palm trees. Email artdollsbyashley@gmail.com for more information.


“Batty Love”

 “Batty Love” is bat-shit crazy. She has been in a looney bin four times. She watches cartoons a lot. Her favorite is the “Smurfs.” There is this one episode where the Smurfs get bitten by this purple fly. They go crazy and bite each other. Batty Love can watch that episode over and over again. She is really good at wearing disguises. She can mimic many different accents too. She speaks German, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. Her ability to become someone else to get a job done makes her a desirable partner in crime. Don’t be fooled by her cuteness, which makes her seem very immature. She’s come along way since she was abused by scumbags in her younger years. She is $20 plus s&h. Email artdollsbyashley@gmail.com for more information.